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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day by Day Kiting in Roatan

credit: Odeta Cole

Almost looking like a scene of the Core kites movie set, alone in this paradise!
Well this time, it was just us and a couple of friends, invited to join us on our Island  for a Kite-Exploration trip. Our first mission was to find a kite-friendly teaching area (away from any obstacles with space all around to facilitate the learning process) and the second one, even more interesting, was to create the coolest downwinds and kite excursions possible. Well, it did not take long that both mission where successfully reached. Even if our minds where blown away, we could not wait for our first customers to visit us and share their kite-experience in this untouched paradise (click here on: Kitesurf Roatan for our trip advisor reviews). 

 Here comes the happy faces of a new students. Learning the first stage of kitesurfing: piloting the kite! Down below, some more happy faces… 
 This time, kitesurfers where just finishing their first downwind. A nice 3 hours of kiting on the Caribbean sea. Starting on a marvellous flat water spot and ending up at our final destination in Paya Bay (after riding in flat water by the mangroves or enjoying the small waves just by the reef) with an exquisite sundown and a full moon shining on their back.

 Of course, I can’t stop over the details that we just found the coolest boat driver and guide EVER! We are really happy to support and work with the local, wich gives us the chance to learn more about the Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila and Guanaja) and its culture in every trips we do.

I also have to admit that we are not the only one supporting the community, they are also supporting us. They are the first one to join us at the beach when ever they can. It’s always special to get a hundreds hands around you to help us with our gears and to receive so many radiant smiles.

 Well well well, of course they are not the only one smiling, how can you resist those eyes and attention. You also got me here in full action laughing with them!

Over all, our day to day life has been incredible. Thanks to everyone for their collaboration and of course thanks to all our clients who have been part of this great season. We have still 2 more big windy months ahead of us, that will justify why I choose to be more on the water than in front of my computer. But I promise to keep you all updated after that!

For those one who are still planning their Kite-Holliday, you are not to late!!!
There is plenty to enjoy here till September. After that will have a short brake and will be back for January 2014 wind season with new Adventures! Waiting for your visit!!!
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Interesting fact: Flight tickets are under 600$ this summer for Roatan
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