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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Visit Roatan and Kite Paradise

I guess you know by now that I have developed a huge crush on Honduras and especially Roatan Island...

After my visit last year, I’m still on this same high. I cannot explain where it comes from, but it just feels completely right to me, like: 'this is it'. There are no more questions in my head... 

I’m surely attracted by the fact that HONDURAS is like a hidden treasure: not well known, so everything has to be discovered, especially in terms of KITESURFING! I got my little map and just decided to follow it:

Breathing and enjoying the air, the landscape, the blue-turquoise water, the complete nature, the reef break and everything that comes with. 


Just one example of what I have experienced here...
Yesterday, I was kitesurfing with the Carved Burner 5”10 and a 9mGTS2 Core kite.  For the first time in my life, I was riding a big ‘glassy’ and ultra clean wave. I could not believe it! such a smooth and exciting feeling. How come I had never felt that before? I could not help to think that: ‘that was it, I was transported to Indonesia’,  but NO... it was really Central America's wave.

Well, I felt pretty grateful. Yes, I could clearly see the reef and coral under me and I thought I would be scared to hell, but instead, I was just completely amazed by the beauty of the scene. Somehow, I did feel safe. Ok, maybe it was because I could easily choose the wave I wanted to ride or because I knew I had some people watching. I like to think that it was just the magic of the moment fully taking over.

I realize that nature has the power to bring you so much peace. Back out there by the reef, there is just this moment. You have to be ONE with everything. The nature around you, underneath your feet, behind you and so yourself. You have to be completely there. Present 'body and mind'. The balance of all those elements IS P-E-A-C-E.

Haaaa! just writing about it, I want to go back again. Good news: I will!
Eventually, my ultimate experience would be to Surf those waves without a kite. First, give me a few months to get to know the unexplored environment and than maybe I can think about it. I’m glad to have my kites gently pulling or lifting me out, if needed. That's my safety :)
It has to be done: 

It is also what’s happening with HONDURAS and Roatan. Paso a paso’ (Step by step).

For months, we have been learning the way to do things here, getting to know the locals and discovering kite spots. Accessing them by boat, car or launching directly from our place when the wind direction is proper.

We practice what we preach. I have been doing yoga daily and started teaching it some mornings as well as massage. We had our first clients for kitesurfing lessons. We enjoy eating food that comes directly from the local 'fruits and veggies truck' who pass by.  Plenty of small details that make it perfect for me. I’m grateful every minute, cause I’m deeply appreciating this new lifestyle.

You might think: ‘why or what is so different than before?’

Well, I’m now more or less fixed. Which means, it is now people coming to visit me here. Rather than me running around the globe. A new feeling. One that I enjoy terribly.

Of course, I still have few trips planned on the way, but knowing I’ll be back on this PARADISE makes me feel incredibly good.

For those who wants to be part of it, wish to visit us for kiting trips, or would like to experience this lifestyle while getting the chance to kitesurf in Honduras...

Please do so! we will receive you with open arms :)

We are holding Open Weeks in March-April-May (JUNE)
  • Arrival every Saturday or Sunday
  •  Plan an earlier arrival, if you need beginner lessons (at least 3 days in advance)
  • It is also possible to extend your stay to add some extra coaching after the week
  • For longer stay, we will be happy to give you our best tips about Honduras

(you might think of renting a car if you stay on the Island longer. Otherwise, the ferry to the mainland is a good option and the buses are an easy way to travel)

Each week include
  • Accommodation for 6 days with Airport transfer. 
(You stay at the same location as us, PAYA BAY RESORT. It is by the sea on a huge cliff, surrounded by nature. One of the nicest place I have stayed. Rooms are for 3 or 4 people with Queen sized beds)
  • Food and local Restaurant (6 Breakfasts and 5 Dinners)
  • 3 Day trips by boat to kite-spots (White beach, Island kiting and Wreck kitesurfing) as well as kitesurfing by the local beaches and downwind.
  • Yoga in the mornings (so you can deeply get back to your inner balance and maybe even returning home with some new habits...)
  • Snorkelling gear, Kayak, Stand up paddle and access to the various trails.

Price: 750 US*
*Price valid only with reservation before 1st April 2013

  • Kitesurfing coaching (wave-freestyle)
  • MORE yoga
  • Massage/SPA
  • Diving course
  • Island tour (West End,West Bay etc.)
Note: Dolphin are travelling freely inside the reef during March period, it is not rare to be able to kitesurf around them.

How to get more Info or to Reserve your week:

Simply email us. We will keep you updated on the availability.
Please let us know if you prefer to have a private room or any of the extra activities.
Payment will be on arrival day. (US or local currency is accepted)

Contact us:

Facebook: marilou lavallee @ facebook
Skype: mariloulavallee68
Local number: (504) 32 52 58 91

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From Europe: look for a transit via Miami and Houston
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