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Saturday, January 5, 2013

What are you going for this year?

It’s now the best time for setting new goals and a 'must do' for reviewing the year...
But just before that, I would like to wish you all a new and Happy year full of Love, Fun, Connexion and Sports!

And now, let's get going...
This year was very special for me. Therefore,  I have many many Thanks to do!
(Of course I probably say that every year...).

I started 2012 with the intention of:
Getting to know myself better, taking better care of myself (after to many injuries) and finding a place where I would like to settle down (by the water, with wind, waves and mountain. Those where my main criteria. But believe me the list was long!)

If I look back, I was on the 1st of January 2012 in Canada with my family (a place where I’m rarely at). A few days afterwards, I was already up in that Yoga Retreat (7 Centers Yoga Art) in the desert of the States. A good start when you want to learn about yourself! It was also a good training for my knee who was still weak. My biggest learning: Nothing is separate. ‘All is One’ ...

A month later, a baggage of new experiences and a larger vision of life, I was again packing for a new Destination: Panama. I visited this place with my parents. The goal was to pursue my father and mom’s kitesurfing lessons and to find some piece of land where I could possibly leave some of my bags...

Kitesurfing in Panama happened to be great and windy. Cool trip. (for all info)

(Plus don’t forget the incredible surfing in Santa Catalina and Playa Venao!)


For some unknown reason, my heart was not pounding as I expected. Panama was not ‘The One’. But at least, I was on the good road...

Back in Canada, no time was left. I jumped in another retreat. This time, I had a real and intense initiation to Meditation. If you ever want to learn the hard way, try Vipassana. You will remember thos for ever and believe me, for the good reasons!

Vipassana is a type of meditation coming from the East but has now expand all over the world. It’s free (or on donation). They teach you the technique and offer you the environment and frame to try it out. Than the work has to come from your side. If you do the work (which is as simple, but very hard, as sitting still silently), I promise it will have the power to transform you.

Silence can surprisingly bring you to the very best version of yourself.

After that, I was up on a plane again. It was KITING time!!!
A snowy and windy experience was waiting for me: THE GREAT WIND TRAIL
Kite Girl magazine is having a full report on it at the moment, with lots of cool photos to see!

Because 2012 was mainly spent flying around the world in search of a new “home spot”  I ended up in Honduras, after seeing a fabulous, gorgeous, marvellous cosy-eco-friendly house for sell in a natural park/rainforest/jungle just 20 mins from the beautiful Caribbean see. A dream!

Wait, even saying that, this is nothing like you imagine, you have to see it to believe it! My heart is still cracking for this place. I will let life guide me on that one, maybe I’ll find some founding/support over the coming year!?

Keep dreaming but keep moving forward!

After that, well it was Guatemala for more Yoga and Silence, than Germany for the PKRA, than Dominican Republic for WAVE kiting and some regular surfing, than again Brazil just recently.

I still haven’t write about Brazil, but I’ll do so shortly because: It was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! full of new experiences and new spots! And at the end of this trip, I end up seeing one of the most known healer in the world: Jonh of God. ... No miracle for me yet (well It was absolutely not the point of my visit either)  but a wonderful week (and actually, maybe a series of small ones...)

Most importantly, I went back to meditation and to myself. It was very refreshing after all the action and the kiting of the past months... The timing was perfect.

So here I am, for New Year again, with my family and our kite gears, talking about our 2012 adventures (all very different!) and about what we see for 2013.

We are sitting by the sea, sunset and white wine, Honduras has convince me to come back and I have convince them to come and visit :)

And this is for all of you:

I’m thanking everyone who is collaborating from far or close to my dreams and path. From people sending me great vibes, positive thoughts and hope, for the smiles and the support I get on the way, from friends, family and Sponsors who are still happily behind me year after year and none the less but this big creation, the Universe who seems to be lightning up my path day by day.

Thank you, for your collaboration. I had learn a great bunch of things in 2012, that are becoming  more and more part of me. None the less, I have magically found a place where I feel home (with mountain, wind, water and waves...). 
Yes, I have drop a few bags in Honduras :)
As for 2013... Here I go. I'm sharing my most intimate wishes.  This time, I would like to:

-Get going in Honduras (having a piece of home, a great business and some friends around)
-Enjoying Peace of mind (being completely honest with myself and others, expressing what I think, keeping in my life the relationships that matters and count and Accepting rather than resisting ... )

-Remembering to act out of Love and not out of Fear (So easy to 'not do' things because you are a little bit afraid...)

-Taking care of people around me, letting myself be taking care of and the most important: 
Being the very best version of myself :)

Finally, I’m sharing all that with you, with the hope that it can inspire you to do the same.

Take some time to know what you want and what you have accomplish for yourself and others in 2012. Believe in something bigger than you (because we do are part of something much bigger!) and write down the direction and goals you will like to take in 2013. Let the Universe do it’s magic and your only work is: to do the best you can, be yourself, not more not less.

... and let’s talk about it next year! 

There was so many images I would have like to use. You can see the Island of Roatan, the kite spot still unknown, the river in La Ceiba (Honduras), an Off-Shore ultra gusty kite session alone with no rescue available (Stupidity itself!), my face all happy in front of a huge poster of me in Montreal (leaving a mark!) and so on...