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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last one of Corenation: To smile and to kite

To Smile and To Kite

This is the title of my last article @ . It was written while in Brazil.  In the middle of all the action, I found out that my mind was the exact mirror of what was happening outside.

So I decided to stop and to write some more lines. The time I used to be still, my mind get quieter and so the moment. The story was just to show that no matter what type of job your having even the one that like 'pro-rider' gets you on ups and downs if you don't take some time to slow down. It's just life!

Finally,  it was a wonderful trip. Deeper and more meaningful that I expected.
More facets of the sports showed up.

To read the full story fallow the link on CORENATION.NET